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Tattoo Aftercare Guide

Tattoo Aftercare Guide How well a tattoo ages and how long the colors remain vibrant are most affected by the first three weeks of aftercare given a new tattoo. That statement implies what often goes unstated in the world of tattooing but what is tacitly understood by all tattoos do change over time. Because we […]

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Scabbing of Tattoos

Scabbing of Tattoos

Although the most exciting part of getting a tattoo has finished, the adventure does not exactly end here. On the other hand, you have an additional responsibility to follow the tattoo care instructions carefully, to ensure that your tattoo does not fade away and remains intact. Improper aftercare can lead to scabbing, which can further ruin your tattoo. Therefore, it is necessary for you to know the healing process, and most importantly, the treatment and its preventi

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