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Do Tanning Beds Affect Tattoos

Do Tanning Beds Affect Tattoos Transcript:Do Tanning Beds Affect Tattoos?While the adverse health impact of ultraviolet ray exposure is known for both regular tanning and tanning beds, it can also impact your body art. If you expose your tattoos to continued tanning in the outdoors, the UV rays may bronze your skin, but like anything […]

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Tattoos and Skin Health

Tattoos and Skin Health Tattoos are all the rage today, and understandably so. Body art is a terrific form of self expression and a great way to display your individuality. Just remember one key fact: For all intents and purposes, you’re making a permanent statement with your tattoo; removal is possible, but typically a much […]

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How to Keep Your Tattoo from Fading

How to Keep Your Tattoo from Fading When you get a tattoo, you want it to remain as fresh and crisp as the day you got it. Unfortunately, some colors fade more than others over time, and sunlight is a killer of all tattoos that are left unprotected in the sun’s rays. When you get […]


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