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This is not the first mmo that has FFXIV Gil sellers

I’m on the japan realm hades, I didn’t exactly know how to register this complaint. So basically a character named Willelm Beak shouting in La Noscea is trying to advertise spamming for gold sales and its flooding the chat constantly. The site he is best is This kind of thing drives me nuts. Plus […]

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Josh Todd and Xavier Muriel’s Tattoos

Josh Todd and Xavier Muriel’s Tattoos Since my copies of “15” and “Black Butterfly” are pretty well worn out, I was thrilled to see that Buckcherry is releasing a new album entitled “All Night Long”. It comes out on August 3, 2010 and it got a great track list. Thanks to the guys at Total […]

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Religious Tattoos for Girls

Religious Tattoos for Girls They say that everything revolves in a circle and things end where they start. Tattoos were earliest known when they symbolized a particular tribe a person belonged to or a particular faith the person followed. Later, tattooing evolved and we saw gypsies getting them done. Decade after decade, there was something […]

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