Conti: Azar can be one of the best players; Kennedy realized the mistake

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Chelsea will be in the Carling Cup in the case of Nottingham Forest, team coach Conti attended the pre-press conference, he also said Azar is ready to usher in his season for the first time Starter.

Azar to come back

Last season, 26-year-old Azal scored 16 goals, contributed 5 assists, and experienced ankle surgery, Azar is ready to re-rejoin, starting lineup.

“For Azar, it’s time to play and play the whole game, and I hope to get along with him in the final stages of injury recovery, and I’ve got a lot of injuries when I play.” I have a lot of experience, and his situation, we can handle it well.(welcome to to buy cheap fifa 18 coins, all the product will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

“Our job is to try to make every player progress, whether it is technical and tactical, physical or psychological level, for the players, the most important thing is to absorb more new information.There are a number of original intention to learn and progress players Is a good thing. Azar is a top player and he has made a lot of progress, but he can continue to make progress and become one of the best players.

Kendini and Mu Songda will usher in the opportunity

“Everyone is going to make mistakes, and now Kennedy is focused and hard training, and he is aware of his own mistakes, and he’s ready to fight for his future.”

“Mu Songda’s talent is outstanding, he tried to adapt to the rhythm of the Premiership, I trust him, trust young players is an important thing, but when the opportunity to come when the appearance is also a good answer. Come, Mu Songda can play 10 bit, winger, the future he can be competent wing wing.
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No super-class defense of the NFL team, this season are not far away

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NFL has an old saying: regular season to see the offense (offense), super Bowl to see defense (defense). The The That is played gorgeous look is offensive group, the real playoff win (after entering the winter) rely on the defense group.
It now appears that the defensive team is good for several teams: Mustang, Seabirds, Raven, Hong Kong people, which are several teams that have reached the Super Bowl defensive level (SB caliber).
I donated the Super Bowl from the first “dual pass rusher + no fly zone” in the 2015 season and continues to maintain the league’s superb level of defense. This model has begun to be imitated by other NFL teams, such as the Texas guy, coffee table, abandoned women are using a double punch formation, visualization of this initiative will become a popular model.
Beat, green bag, falcon, although the offensive and defensive balance, there are (Click to buy Cheap NBA 2K18 MT, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
elite QB first-class team, but these teams have not reached the level of super-class defense, once the offensive group can not carry the team forward, the defense could not stand today Early green packs are just an example of falcons.
On the contrary, if the defensive group super-class, even if the attack group is not to force, it will not be defeated, will once again regain the ball to the team a chance. This morning I donkey rookie QB Xian accidentally throw a INT! But it does not matter, the defensive team up to hold the cowboy attack, did not give the cowboy any chance to comeback.
A super-class defense group is particularly important to help grow your own QB.
The eagle karate Richard Sherman will decide whether to play before the game
Richard Sherman has never missed the game in his career, and although his name appears frequently in the Seattle Seahawks’ injury report this week, it looks like he can continue to play.
As the hamstring injury Sherman was listed as may not be determined, coach Pete – Carroll (Pete Carroll) told reporters that his star angle will be decided before the game can play. However, Carol’s appearance for Sherman may be optimistic.
“He’s doing well today,” Carroll told the media after training. “He was involved in the whole training … we were going to observe his state of tomorrow until the game, but he looked really good.” Carroll then said, “It looks like he can play.”
Although Carroll did not provide much detail for Sherman’s injury, his remarks and defensive coordinator Kris Richard (Kris Richard) on Thursday’s evaluation is similar. “We just treat him with care, and we will see if he can play, so I think it will be decided by the coach,” Richard said.
As Richard says, the sea eagle may be more cautious about Sherman, especially considering that the Seahawks were warned by the league last season that he had not reported Sherman’s injury. Unless the accident before the game, Sherman will play against the San Francisco 49 people game.
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