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because of mediocrity mut coins not be remembered

Grass-roots gold-plated, hurt the mut coins-roots cadres of the idea of ​​gilded gold, the grass-roots “springboard” of cadres, either because of mediocrity mut coins not be remembered, or because too aggressive and was pointing, making the original cadres In some places, the good policy of consolidating the hut coins has mut coins “idle”Have a negative impact. In the interview, the grassroots generally reported that chaos by gilded cadres squeezed the normal upward path of grass-roots cadres. A mut coins-roots civil servant who witnessed the success of a cadre in a certain province who successfully gilded gold from the upper and lower reaches of the city thinks that “mut coins is found to be unfair,” and that grassroots cadres who work “in vain and add in five to two” may not be able to obtain mut 18 coins. Direct airborne turn to promote;

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