some people have to pay the ordinary people unimaginable efforts to buy mt reply

“Life is too difficult, I have nothing to say, some people have to pay the ordinary people unimaginable efforts to actively reply, hard training, but then he once again suffered injuries, there are small and also because of injury, Paul looked helpless after the third war, “I hate to see it all.” But Paul did not want to end his life, in Griffin’s early war for the third war, he hit the second half 24 buy mt to help the buy mt adversity won the game. Today’s fourth war, Jazz ushered in Rudy – Gobel comeback, the shift, Paul can be like coach Doug – Rivers said the general play “very, very tough” performance? Today’s first half of Paul opened the control mode, 8 shots 3 hit rate is slightly lower but the half is sent 7 nba mobile coins, led the Clippers have been leading until midfielder was Jazz overtake 3 points.

“He is a very stubborn player, and therefore created his excellent,” coach Rivers in the third war after the evaluation of Paul. The second half of Paul to take over the offensive flag, half and then cut 16 points, seeing the Clippers will win the game on the road, they are in the buy mt half of the loss of scoring ability, all even missed. In this dark 7 minutes 22 seconds, the Clippers team only 11 points, while Paul scored a single 7 points. But even his, the final stage of the hit rate is also miserable, the entire Clippers in the case of loss of quasi-heart hit the more desperate. Clippers last buying mt, Paul stubborn layup will be buy mt to 7 points, but this time the outcome has long been lost suspense.

Rondo scored 11 points and 14 2k mt and nine rebounds and five steals

Rondo scored 11 points and 14 assists and nine rebounds and five steals, and a player who could play such a data could be traced back to 2009, the same is the Rajon – Rondo; and Rondo became the Bulls in the 2k mt 30 Season in the second in the playoffs in a single game to win at least 10 rebounds 5 steals, the last one is Michael – Jordan.

According to CSN reports, the Washington Wizards 2k mt the Atlanta Hawks in the day before the start of the series, after the end of the game, the Wizards teenager Kelly – Ubud had publicly said his teammate Ma Kefu – Morris stronger than Eagle’s All-Star striker Paul-Millsap. Today talking about Ubud’s point of view, Millsap said he would not ignore each other’s words offensive. “They (the Wizards) have been trying to annoy us by talking about trash, and to disrupt our rhythm, but we will not be fooled,” Millsap said in buy 2k vc interview, “I will not raise their 2k mt I am with Morris’ s personal grievances, and I certainly will not do 2k mt, I’ve been in this league for a long vc 2k, everything is about the team.

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Curry did not take part in yesterday’s training because of the left knee injury

Beijing time on April 9, buy mt points fight out the pelican, but Steven – Curry, Anthony – Davis and DeMarcus – Cousins ​​will miss the game. Curry did not take part in yesterday’s training because of
left knee injury, and after some trade-offs, the Warriors announced the absence of today’s match with the pelican. In view of the Warriors have locked the league’s first position, they really do not need to to Curry campaign, but in nba 2k17 coins Durant comeback on the first battle can not see “Meng God” figure, or quite sorry. Pelicans have been declared missed the playoffs, their array of two new stars will also miss the Durant fight, DeMarcus – Cousins ​​because of tendonitis missed a game with the Nuggets, due to buy nba 2k17 mt Fully, he will continue to miss the game. Anthony – Davis’s left knee also injuries, he also will not attend today’s game.


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